Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Bonus Blog Post: Family Photo, 1963

It would seem my humble little blog has become like an airport snack shop during a blizzard. I'm getting lots of spill-over people stumbling in. (Anyone want a turkey-wrap? They're only eight-bucks.) They're here mainly because the original home of the Anti-Cap Contest, Radosh.net, has gone cold. The Mets and The Daily Show are on hiatus this week, so there is nothing on TV. (Even overweight and easily offended wannabes are taking the summer off.)
With all this Anti-Cap induced traffic settling for coming to my blog, my wife suggested I post stuff on a regular basis. But I have a new job at a web-based venture that I'm still trying to figure out, so I'm not really up to "producing content" when I get home (that's what my new boss calls "writing.")
So in a bid to stay topical and slightly interesting, I am posting this recently discovered photo, taken more than 4o years ago. It's my wife's mother, Dorothy, and her brother Don, then know as Don-Don. (Believe me, no one calls him that anymore.) It's from a slide that had languished for decades in someone's garage. I like it very much. Two good people who are, thankfully, alive and well.
Just thought I'd share. A comment or two from people who are not my wife may inspire additional posts. (There is even someone at the new job who promised to help me build a new web site for the Anti-Cap. So...)


Anonymous said...

A nice family shot. And speaking of "shots": Was the photo taken pre- or post-November 22, 1963?

Just askin'.

Kathy H

JohnnyB said...

Kathy H - that question is answered by the caption for this pic , which Al did not print. Dorothy is saying, "I don't know who that is up in that book depository building, Don-Don, but he just saved America."
(What? Too soon? These were Dorothy's words, not mine.)

Al, I hope this comment encourages you to keep posting.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, JohnnyB. I knew I could count on you.

Kathy H

Rich Lather, etc. said...

Thank Goodness! At first I thought they were age-disparate Siamese Twins joined happily at the cheek. Great picture...I hope they grew up nice. Dorothy is wholesome looking and kind of HOT in all her holy-crap I'm now closing in on 75 splendor!!

In all seriousness, thanks for your efforts to keep this contest alive. Friends and family alike have a lot of fun with it. I've won a couple times, but don't want to get all BONEGUY on you. Good luck with the new job.

Anonymous said...

I assume Johnny B. wins this week's caption contest unless others follow suit.

Anonymous said...

"i love you don-don and pray you never disappoint me by marrying alinla."

-brian l

Anonymous said...

Jaqueline and Don-Don, before the birth of Caroline, the future mrs.al.


Anonymous said...

Great pic. I can now hear the theme songs from Leave it to Beaver and The Andy Griffith Show playing in my head.


Cap'n Crunch said...

In the voice of Ralphie "Solar flares are pretty".

"I'm sorry, Mommy Mehserle, you said 'sunscreen', but I grabbed 'Krazy-glue'".

"Oh Mommy, does my name really mean "swollen foot"?"

al in la said...

I appreciate the responses very much. I have come to expect the sound of crickets chirping when I look for comments here. Funny thing: When I posted the photo I said (out loud) "Watch, I'll bet some of these people start writing Anti-Caps for it." And I was right (I also didn't say "people" but I don't want to alienate my still-fragile following.)

Although not submitted specifically as an Anti-Cap, Rich Lather's comment about them being "age-disparate Siamese Twins" is very good. Still, Johnny's JFK crack is brilliant. I realize this is not a word normally associated with his caps. (Maybe he works better as a lounge act.)

To answer the question posed by Kathy H., the pic was taken just prior to 11/22/63. Happier times indeed.

Thanks everyone!- al in la

Anonymous said...

Rumor has it that Dorothy and Don-Don appear in a three-episode arc on Mad Men cozing up to Betty and Sally Draper, respectively, and...well, I've already said too much.

Tim H

Enhancement Smoker said...

Did you ever see...wait...I forgot...

Anonymous said...

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