Monday, October 19, 2009

The Anti-Cap is Back: Has Posted This Week's Contest! (Ask me how I know)

The founding father of the Anti-Caption Contest, Daniel Radosh, has asked me to help reestablish the contest on his blog. This seems fitting. is the original home of the contest. I only started posting the cartoon and picking winners here each week because the blogmeister was busy doing other stuff. It was Daniel who cleverly pioneered the contest two or three years ago, no doubt unaware how time consuming popular it would become. In its hay day, it drew as many as 200 entries a week. If Johnny B. didn't submit his here in droves, I'd have only a handful. So...
Naturally, there is always the chance that I'll fuck this up get pulled away by a big-ass job offer or something. As many of you know, Daniel landed a gig at The Daily Show. As a result, his once busheling blog has been largely dormant. Now, as he plots his comeback, he's asked me to be a guest blogger. I'm down. (Though I'd prefer underboss, actually.)
Scroll down for the results of last week's contest (#212) or click here.

UPDATE: He wasn't kidding! It worked! It would appear that I have posted anti-caption cartoon #213 on


dwilk said...

"So, it's okay to fuck the neighbor's husband?"

PG said...

"As part of my acceptance speech for last week's victory, I would like to offer my sincere apology to anyone living or dead with the name, Penelope Guthrie. A post-entry Google search revealed a pleasant-enough looking woman by the same name. And, here I thought it was a unique, silly pseudonym. Similar apologies to Rich Lather, Celeste Splooge, Boris Talzhoff, and Limpy Witherspoon, and Sarah. Huge thanks to ALINLA for keeping the Anti-Caption contest alive. My lack of billable hours thanks you.

jim said...

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