Friday, October 16, 2009

Fox News Sees Red Over Dorm Flag Ban

Fox News has been running a story about a University of New Hampshire student who was told he could not hang an American flag outside his dorm window. Predictably, Fox commentators saw it as further evidence of anti-American sentiment on college campuses. (The screen chyron said “Flag forbidden, student can’t hang Old Glory”) Maybe some hate mail aimed at UNH administrators and a call to end their public funding will undo this injustice. (And please do not bring up the fact that U.S. military bases have the same rule. That's different!)
I do have some insight into this. While in college, I was an R.A. at small liberal arts school and it was my responsibility to enforce the rule against hanging ANYTHING outside a dorm room. During the indoctrination orientation session, I learned that the rule is in place for five very good reasons:
(1) To prevent students from toppling to their death while trying to hang something,
(2) To discourage students from removing the window screens that keep out bugs and prevented students from throwing debris out the window,
(3) To assure that objects hung outside do not become dislodged, fall to the ground and create litter (or, worse, kill someone),
(4) To preserve the aesthetics of the picturesque campus which, by the way, prominently displays the U.S. flag in front of Main Hall,
(5) To help the liberals who run the school suppress the patriotism of students who love American.

(Note: The above photo was included strictly for the purposes of irony and titillation. Section 8d. of the Rules and Regulations for displaying and handling the U.S. Flag states: "The flag should never be used as wearing apparel.")


mypalmike said...

Safety policy is too subtle for most conservatives to bother with. Flag = good. Army son + flag = better. Anything opposing Army son + flag = evil.

JohnnyB said...

Al, you live in LA, so obviously you are a product of the socialist programming that goes on there. You would have us believe that this kind of prohibition existed before that foreign born guy got illegally elected and took our country away from us? Besides, you admitted you went to a "liberal" arts school, so you probably were taught to display the Russian flag or the French flag. Why has the Obama Nation begun this war on patriotism? What is wrong with displaying the American flag?
and to mypalmike, damn straight! We don't need no subversive, subtle safety, just more armies, sons and American flags!

al in la said...


Yeah, but I was rasied on Staten Island, NYC's answer to Dixie.

And that's PRESIDENT Foriegn Born Guy to you, mister!

Anonymous said...

Hello from Russia!
Can I quote a post "No teme" in your blog with the link to you?

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