Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Anti-Caption Contest #203

NOTE: Like JFK's assassination or the Moon walk, people will long remember where they were the exact moment they heard that Daniel Radosh is going to the show (The Daily Show, that is). For many of us who are fans of his blog, it's like watching a gifted college athlete head to the pros. We want him to do well, of course, but mostly we hope he doesn't have his heart broken (or, even worst, go on strike.) As someone who has been submitting entrys to the anti-cap contest since forever (I rememeber when we were asked to vote for a winner!), I would love to see the contest endure. It is in that spirit that I offer the following winners, including a special section of Radosh-references. Leave feedback in comments. --al in la


.You typed in 'S&M' and `8-inch members'. Stop blaming Google."


Answer me this: Why did you come to Juneau?"
Kathy H


"You have to go to the WHAT?"


"See, this is why I should've won a Grammy for my audiobook It Takes a Village to Jerk Off a Gargantuan Masochist."

.Steamboat"? Already? You know you aren't getting a refund, right?

Welcome to the event we call "Burning Man".

Say hello to my leetle friend, and my leetle neighbors, and my leetle family members, and some leetle folks I went to high school with, and, well, you get the idea.


Mr. Radosh, you'll thoroughly enjoy working for your new masters."

Yo, al-in-la! Daniel's teetering again. Work your magic.

.Just pick last week's caption, Daniel, and this all goes away.


Richard Hine said...

Good choices, I must admit. But couldn't you have waited a week to let me savor contest #202 some more???

al in la said...

I get it: It's all about you!

Actually I want to post something everyday to keep you coming back (maybe you'll tell your friends).

Thanks for the input.

jim said...

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