Monday, August 10, 2009

Anti-Caption Contest #202

NOTE: Like many who regularly visit, I was stunned by today's bombshell announcement that Blog Master Dan is going to work as a writer for The Daily Show. This is wonderful news for Daniel and I wish him the best in his new gig, but this also means he will no longer post the Anti-Caption Contest. As a long time participant in the contest this is sobering news. I recognize that the contest has a devoted following so I am going to gamely attempt to post the contest myself and offer my judgment each week. I am beginning with Anti-Caption Contest #202. I will note that this particular cartoon is pretty lame and I was not completely comfortable with the use of the word "box" as reference to, well, you know. But it is what it is and the there is always next week. Use the comments section to offer your feedback. --al in la

"Don't you hate it when you get sand in your box?"
Richard H

I spend thousands of dollars on this realistic female doll and I wind up spending more time playing with the box it shipped in than having sex with it. Go figure.

"Billy Mays Here!!"
Tim H


"Oh fer fuck's sake close yer eyes and point to pick the winning anti-caption. How fucking hard could it be??!!"


Richard Hine said...

Al, thanks for getting over your "box" aversion!

Harry said...

hm... all of your choices are funny, but I'm not sure if they are anti-captions. These are just captions that are a bit too vulgar to appear in the new yorker.

The way I see it, a good caption is something that would add to the picture, while a good anti-caption would take away from the picture. i'm not even sure if my prior judgings have followed this, but i tried...

al in la said...

Harry, They are indeed anti-captions. How do I know? They were entered in the Anti-Caption Contest. As far as I'm concerned, if they serve it in a Chinese restruant, it's Chinese food.

(This may seem low-brow but it is a philosophy that has served be well through the years.)

Thanks for your 2 cents, though.

jim said...

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