Monday, June 1, 2009

Anti-Caption Contest #196

.UPDATE: Radosh has finally posted this cartoon on his blog. (But he has not picked a winner for the last two weeks!)
NOTE: Once again I am posting the New Yorker Caption Contest and inviting everyone (even that long winded sour-puss J.D.) to use the comments section to submit their anti-captions. If there is nothing good on TV, I will even post winners of the last two contests sometime later today (I'm on the West coast so allow for the time difference.) I also want to take this opportunity to stress yet again that this is NOT an effort to usurp the formidable Daniel Radosh, who originated the anti-cap contest and remains a hero to many of us. I read some where on-line (Drudge Report, I think) that the contest originated in the 1890's when Daniel's great-great grand father Jebediah Radosh sold anti-captions to the Police Gazette cartoon from a push cart on the Lower East Side. I would love to see that family tradition remain intact. In the meantime, I just want to give anti-cappers a place where can mingle and be themselves without getting hassled by The Man. --al in la


al in la said...

"I believe they are mocking us."

LK said...

See, you start treating your subjects with dignity, and PETA stops blowing up your family.

Ugarles said...

Where's the winner for last week?


jim said...

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