Sunday, September 6, 2009

The View From L.A --Sept. 5, 2009

Here in L.A the sky has turned to a pale ugly gray as wildfires continue to sweep through the mountains just outside the city. This photo was taken yesterday by my wife Nancy outside her parent's home in the San Gabriel Valley. (We were visiting to watch the USC football game.) The plume of thick smoke you see here rose through out the day. It was somehow all-at-once awesome and grotesque, slightly frightening and spectacular. Ironically one of my father-in-law's great joys is to sit in front of a roaring fire while watching his beloved Trojans trounce the opposition. This, of course, is not what he had in mind. (But USC did give San Jose State a nice beatin' 56-3.)


JohnnyB said...

Go Bucks!
(From JB in OH IO

al in la said...

Excuse me? Did you not watch last year's USC/OSU game? Did you not see the way Navy made your Buckeyes sweat?

Want to make some $$$? Take the Trojans and give the 7 points.

Prediction: USC 42 OSU 10 (With the help of a meaningless TD scored in the final minutes against USC's 3rd string.)

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