Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Fox News "Regular Guy" Bill O'Reilly Hides in the Press Box

When that self-proclaimed "traditionalist and "regular guy" Bill O'Reilly attended a recent N.Y. Mets spring training game at Tradition Field in Port St. Lucie, Fla. where did he sit? Why, up in the press box along side Met G.M. Omar Minaya. Could it be that Bill-O knows he is unwelcome among the real fans?

It is for good reason he fears the wrath of the unwashed masses (especially under the hot Florida sun after a few beers.) With the exception of a his core audience of aging zealots and staff members, we all know this man is a phony and a disgrace. (And I'm not even bringing up Andreas Marcus, I have too much class for that.)

As a die hard Mets fan, I wonder why Omar Minaya hosted this creep. My only theory is O'Reilly was spotted entering the stadium. Fearing a riot, security ushered him upstairs. No doubt they told him the Mets' management wanted him to be their guest. If you look at his mug in this photo, snapped by my sister Anne, you see the unmistakable gleam of a smug, narcissistic man who suffers from a text book case Delusional disorder. Too much the fool to grasp the level of disgust he engenders on a nightly basis. (Which I'm willing to over look if he rooted for the Mets, BTW.)

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