Tuesday, May 3, 2016

New Yorker Anti-Caption Contest No. 521


NJ-to-TX said...

If I close it, we can fuck right here.

boneguy said...

You just broke your mother's back, loser.

al in la said...

"The showers here are extreme."

Anonymous said...

"It's a trumprella."

boneguy said...

It's also known as black rain or the giant tears of the GOP establishment.

Dex said...

"It's a big enough umbrella. Are you wet?"

Unknown said...

"This is why I hate living near Gulliver, having to own a cumbrella."

NAMBY said...

"They are the bitter tears of beaten and humiliated Republicans...What?...Too soon?"

Anonymous said...

If it floods we can use it as a canoe.

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